How Heritage Inspired The Black Fives Collection

During our research phase for the initial release, we identified several of the key teams that shaped and defined the Black Fives Era. We then used archived licensed marks, logos, and other historic material to develop a product assortment that truly reflects basketball during the Black Fives Era.

One of the key pieces in the collection is the pennant. Our heritage as a company began on the streets of Boston with the sale of this unique item. The pennant also played an important role during the Black Fives Era, which became apparent as we examined the Black Fives archived material. In honor of the shared traditions of the ‘47 brand and the Black Fives teams, we made the pennant a focal piece within the collection.

After defining the featured teams and the product assortment, we reached out to lifestyle boutiques in the featured teams’ cities, giving them the opportunity to help in the design process. The resulting collections authentically represented the teams’ regions while highlighting the importance of the Black Fives within each city. New offerings will be unveiled during each year of this initiative.

It is our hope that, through this partnership, we can further the mission of the Black Fives Foundation: to tell this previously unknown story, to preserve the history of the era, to capture the social importance of sports, and to inspire current and future generations by conveying the resilience and perseverance of the Black Fives. We hope you join us on this journey.


Harlem Rens - Designed by Reed Space in NYC


Philly Panthers - Designed by Sneaker Villa in Philadelphia


Washington 12 Streeters - Designed by Major in Washington DC


Independent Pleasure Designed by Packers in New Jersey


Savoy Big 5 - Designed by LDRS in Chicago


Monticello - Designed by Shop 412 in Pittsburgh


LA Red Devils - Designed by Hall of Fame in Los Angeles