47 Baseball in the Bicentennial

In 1976, America celebrated 200 years of freedom. No other social institution marked the historic event with such patriotic vim as the national game, the country’s beloved pastime: Baseball. In 2016, ’47 is revisiting this era with a new product line nodding to the times: the Baseball in the Bicentennial Collection is packed with novel pillbox caps, timeless jersey-inspired designs and authentic logo patches atop favorite ’47 styles.

The term “pastime” may lead someone to believe baseball was just a form of entertainment, but in a less connected world, the game represented much more – it was a social meeting ground for all walks of life, the definition of popular culture at the time. Throughout the bicentennial year, the nation was encouraged to participate in local patriotic events aimed to boost the morale of American citizens, on the mend from the Vietnam War.

The Baseball in the Bicentennial Collection features headwear and apparel inspired by original designs and jersey elements of 24 teams in 1976. As citizens, towns and institutions celebrated, baseball teams were equally energized by the enthusiasm of the nation, each having their own memorable seasons in one way or another: represented by uniform updates or record-breaking wins. We’ve highlighted some of these moments in baseball that year, by team:




The 1976 Pittsburgh Pirates highlighted the centennial celebration of the National League by implementing a pillbox cap, a novel style in sportswear at the time, into their uniform set. Skipper, Danny Murtaugh, who would hand over the reigns at season’s end, backed the Buccos’ push for another division run. The highlight of the ’76 season came when John “Candy Man” Candelaria no-hit the Los Angeles Dodgers in front of the Three Rivers Stadium faithful.


The 1976 St. Louis Cardinals rang in the Bicentennial year by brightening up their road jersey. The Columbia Blue Knit, as well as the home white, featured the commemorative senior circuit centennial patch. The legendary Red Schoendienst skippered the Red Birds for his final full season.


The well-oiled Big Red Machine continued to barrel through the opposition during the bicentennial season. After compiling 102 wins and the National League Pennant, the Reds swept the New York Yankees for their second consecutive World Series title.



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