2017 Release: United Arrows & Sons x Hombre Niño x ’47

Sartorial streetwear meets premium sportswear in the second release from the UNITED ARROWS & SONS x Hombre Niño x ’47 collaboration –– a continued merging of the mutual influence the respective regions have on each other when it comes to sport and style.

Poggy (of UA&S) and YOPPI (of Hombre Niño) are purveyors of sartorial street fashion in Japan –– and they also happen to love baseball. With ’47’s dedication to sport and passion for premium quality goods, this trio continues to collaborate on the second release of innovative, high-end sartorial sportswear.

Blazers and complimentary headwear are created with a unique wool hopsack material. Deviating from team colorways, the embroidery comes in a vibrant magenta and orange –– signature colors of UNITED ARROWS & SONS. The two-toned MLB logos include elements from both UA&S x Hombre Niño brands, which can also be seen on our classic snapback style, the ’47 CAPTAIN.

The collection launches Friday, October 6 at UNITED ARROW & SONS in Harajuku, Japan. Peep the lookbook here: