Let Your Colors Out @ SBLII

One of the greatest displays of personal expression might live in a sports fan, though fandom shouldn’t be labeled as any particular look. At ’47, we love to see how an individual shows their spirit, so we’re constantly looking for more ways to visualize and share this mantra.


Face paint is a bold, creative form of expression used by the some of the most passionate fans. Through the paint, emotions of the human canvas become obvious through tears, smudges, and creases. It’s as if the added colors complete the uniform.


Throughout the 2017-2018 NFL season, we reinterpreted traditional face paint to create vibrant visuals, illuminating fans that rise each game day and suit up from head-to-heart-to-toe –– letting their exteriors show the dedication that lives internally.


As teams and fans gear up for the big show, we’ll be setting up shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota where two contenders will go at it for the big win at Super Bowl 52.


At ’47’s NFL Shop experience, we’ll be premiering some pieces from the new ’47 ELEMENTS collection: technical wear created to protect fans against you guessed it –– the elements!


Experienced spectators know that the outdoors will scorch, sting, shine and soak at Mother Nature’s discretion, especially in the dead of a Midwest winter. ’47 ELEMENTS is designed to shield fans against sun, snow, rain and wind –– because weather is no match for fandom.


The initial headwear offering from ’47 ELEMENTS will include some signature silhouettes decked out with features like water-resistant materials, balanced insulation for warmth and reflective details. Check out the goods here:



In town? Look for face paint in the NFL Shop experience to see the new ’47 ELEMENTS product plus a plethora of SB52 premium headwear, apparel and accessories. You can also shop the gear here.