Patriots Nation Tradition

Calling something a new tradition almost seems like an oxymoron –– but all great things have to get their start somewhere. When Roxanna Rajabi’s parents emigrated from Iran to Boston, there would undoubtedly be some adjustments. Almost as a rite of passage in New England they didn’t just join American culture. They joined Patriots Nation.

Sundays for the Rajabi sisters started with playing (and winning) pick-up football games in their close-knit Natick, Massachusetts neighborhood. Always home in time for kickoff with Dad, whose passion for the team required at least a one-yard radius of space for proper end zone dances.

From elementary to university and beyond, those Sundays would stay intact. When Roxanna’s sister moved across the country, they couldn’t possibly let their weekly NFL season traditions end. Thanks to technology and a good data plan, they’re able to video-call her in for game time, every time.

The Rajabis know all about creating and recreating customs that make being the member of a family, a community and a fanbase that much more meaningful.

As the Pats line up for yet another run at the Super Bowl, ’47 joined Roxanna in reflecting on old traditions, new traditions and what Patriots Nation means to families like hers.

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