So LA For So Long

Take a walk through the streets of Los Angeles, and you’re guaranteed to see at least two things: incredible graffiti and basketball hoops. Paint on walls and sneakers on concrete are an indelible part of LA’s character, and with the arrival of the NBA All-Star Game on February 18, ’47 is thrilled to unveil a new collaboration with local artist OG Slick.

In reinterpreting the marks for the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, Houston Rockets, and Golden State Warriors, OG Slick drew from his roots in graffiti, calligraphic inspiration from his mother, and a signature illustrative style to design a line that celebrates the return of the NBA All-Star Game to LA’s Staples Center.

From the glove hand LA design to the spray-paint effect for Golden State, these marks reflect the immense diversity and creativity required of anyone who hopes to step on the hardwood at the highest level, as well as in LA’s boundless surplus of art. Whether hanging on the wall of a museum or hidden down a back alley, there are always new visual wonders to discover, and now with ’47’s latest collaboration, fans can take a little of that spirit home with them.

On Wednesday, February 14 at 7 p.m., these fundamental aspects of the city will come together when ’47 teams with Shoe Palace and OG Slick to present a customized line of premium headwear and apparel featuring four of the NBA’s most iconic franchises. Guests can look forward to local faire, giveaways and an exciting reveal of new mural artwork from OG Slick.

The collaborative product will be available here and at Shoe Palace (in-store and online) on February 9th.

A special thank you to Monorex, Big Dick’s Hardware, Hopshop Hydraulics, Westlife Distribution, Liberty Gallery, 123Klan, and Cook DZT.