Men’s Health Award Winner: The ’47 FORWARD High Point Tee

Long gone are the days of wearing workout shirts solely for workouts’ sake. Why not enjoy some of the same technical features typically reserved for the gym, in any energy-consuming task? While designing the ’47 FORWARD collection for the active fan, we had this aspiration in mind, so we set out to create the best workout shirt for function and effortless integration into your lifestyle.

As one can imagine, when the ’47 FORWARD High Point Tee won the Men’s Health Best Workout Shirt of 2016 –– we were thrilled.


Whatever the intensity, there’s no doubt that comfort is king when it comes to physical activity (and most other things in life, TBH). We took some of the signature needlework techniques from our premier quality apparel to ensure said comfort, and added specs that answer the demand of an active lifestyle.

The ’47 FORWARD High Point Tee is made with polyester fibers that wick away moisture, so it won’t get heavy with sweat. A touch of added stretch contributes to natural movement while the anti-microbial properties keep odor-filled bacteria out. Flat, rotated seams prevent chafing. Much like the fit of our classic headwear, we’ve crafted that perfect drape so the style hangs loosely and light, without clinging or bunching up.

If you’re the guy who will show his loyalty at any opportunity (high five), then this should be a welcoming upgrade from the norm –– ’47 apparel comes in a wide selection of team graphics that are meticulously screen printed to be soft, lightweight and vibrant.

Whether it’s an AM jog, a trip to the dog park or biking to brunch – the High Point Tee will easily fit into your regular lineup. See for yourself why we won Best Workout Shirt of 2016 and check out other styles in our ’47 FORWARD collection for the active fan.