The Journey to Super Bowl LI

On February 5th, Houston will host football’s premier event, Super Bowl LI. It’s fitting that a lively metropolis known for innovation in outer space (NASA) would host otherworldly athletic talent –– there to chase the reward of a season-long (or lifelong) journey to that moment.

But the journey to SB51 isn’t just about the players; it’s also about the fans that compile their own series of moments along the way. Moments at times measurable in attendance, mileage, tailgates, hot dogs, high-fives.

At ’47, we watch each NFL season closely, rooting for our favorite teams while conjuring up innovative new designs that commemorate the main event. Moments that are measured in sketches, stitches, samples, and more high-fives.

The hope is that these moments result in some sort of reward –– one that will only get sweeter with each challenge to reach it. For Super Bowl LI, we’re celebrating this balance.


Our ’47 Super Bowl LI Premium Collection embodies the duality of work-hard tech detail and play-hard fashion fabrics. The Journey aesthetic features our innovative new Tre-Knit fabric –– 100% polyester material engineered with a three-thread weaving technique, giving it a soft, durable and aerated stretch.

The Reward aesthetic features our new Premio Woven material –– made from imported Italian threads, and manufactured by Avery Dennison in the U.S. to produce a high definition pattern.

Whether you’re mastering a craft, rooting for a team, reaching a distant planet, or winning a championship game, you need to innovate to get there. And while you do that, we hope you enjoy the journey.

BTW, we’re all set up in the NFL Shop in Houston, celebrating the journey to Super Bowl LI with some of the best fans in the world. For extra FOMO, view the #47FanJourney gallery here.