Go Pack Go

In the small town of Stratford, Wisconsin, the sunrise is a standard wake-up call for Gail Reckner’s family, who has devoted countless early mornings and long days tending to their farm. This is a way of life for plenty of Wisconsinites –– a proud and passionate bunch with an enviable work ethic that is matched by praiseworthy fandom for their beloved Green Bay Packers.

Along with anticipation for the fall harvest comes the thrill of knowing football fever is about to takeover quaint communities across the state. Cheeseheads unpack their namesake paraphernalia. The Reckners start planning their holidays and vacations to paradise –– also known as Lambeau.

As we got pumped for the kickoff of the 2017-2018 NFL season, ’47 teamed up with the Packers to find someone that can show us what family, football and fandom means to Green Bay nation. Meet our spotlighted Packers fan, Gail Reckner:

Teams of any sport and any league can rival the rich history of the Packers: their legendary home turf, a long list of Titles, an epic leap that was actually grandfathered into the rulebooks. The eminence of the Pack goes way, way back –– and one of the most loyal fan bases in the game has been there for it all.

Deep within that history lives the fans that fearlessly battle the Frozen Tundra, some that have patiently waited their entire lives for season tickets, even fans near and far that can brag about being one of over 360,000 owners. Fans that are even trusted to catch players who perform that Lambeau Leap.

’47 is proud to be a brand for fans like Gail, and if there were ever a team for the fans –– the Green Bay Packers certainly fit the bill. Grab some of the looks you saw on Gail and her family here.