SB50 Boutique Collection: Benny Gold and Black Scale

This Super Bowl, ’47 had an epic experience collaborating with two of the Bay Area’s most recognized streetwear brands: Benny Gold and Black Scale. When an opportunity comes up to create styles for an event like SB50, we don’t just start cranking out products with familiar logos and call it a day. Our team becomes educated about the location and its fashion influencers. We research the past, observe the present and listen to visions of the future.


Super Bowl 50 will take place February 7 at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. The Bay Area (includes metro areas of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland) is currently home to two NFL teams (at least for now) and about 7.5 million people. Designers and sports historians geeked out at the uniqueness of this year’s logo — the first Super Bowl where Roman numerals aren’t utilized.

So, with some help from our friends at Benny Gold and Black Scale, we also decided to reinvent looks that celebrate this region and the semicentennial event — with a boutique collection, available here.


Streetwear fashion brand Benny Gold was known for its “Stay Gold” sticker that kept popping up around San Francisco. What’s more important is the mantra behind it: a promise to never age and always chase your dreams. Authenticity and entrepreneurial spirit are values we also hold dear at ’47 so it was inspiring to head into this project with a like-minded attitude and passion for creating. In fact, we believe these same values are what make some of the best athletes.

The collection showcases heritage Super Bowl logos merged with modern iconography on different silhouettes:


Black Scale is a fellow streetwear brand from the Bay Area that operates on a particular set of tenets: that everything is about balance, from aesthetic design to personal ethics — that an objective, open mind is the best kind. Their styles stray from the expected, just the way we like it.

This portion of the SB50 collection focuses on uniting the Raiders and 49ers with a black and white palate (our favorite combination) and famed Black Scale typography, paying homage to the Bay Area host:

We loved learning about the ethos behind each company and their approaches to fashion, along with the respect to their hometown and of course, their mutual SB50 fever. Check out the experience: