Instincts, Passion and Hard Work

Larry Lovestein, Larry Fisherman, Delusional Thomas – whichever moniker he’s going by, Mac Miller seeks out every chance to share his personality with the world. The 24 year-old self-taught rapper/musician/producer brings his artistic vision to life through a combination of instincts, passion and hard work.

By inventing alternative versions of himself, Mac Miller is able to escape from what he calls the “prison of perception.” Once in this creative space, he has learned to trust himself, which allows him to bring his artistic visions to life. The various personas he has developed are an integral part of his self-exploration as well as his self-expression.

As a brand, we admire Mac Miller for his authenticity as an artist. Some strive to be the biggest but like Mac, we strive to deliver quality that reflects our values. We believe that if you create something genuine, people will connect with it. That’s what pushes us forward and we’re excited to see where Mac Miller’s like-minded approach leads him next.

We spent some time with Mac Miller and our good friends at FLAUNT to catch his creative process up close and learn more from Mac about what’s to come